Collection: Fr. x AS

We use Diamond Patterns in this collection as our signature symbol to emphasize our brand identity. Through the new concept of Frances. RTW x AS, the diamond character symbolizes strength, loyalty and most importantly confidence. Our collaborating partners, AS that stands for Ms. Airyn Tanu and Ms. Sonia Wibisono in the collection are two women whose profiles embodies our mission to dress power women. We believe that every woman wants to be able to present themselves and build their self-image. Our one-of-a-kind piece is a way to elevate, bringing practical beauty and class in every step.

Inspired by how diamonds allow women to increase their value, our collection wishes that every women who wear our pieces can sparkle, shine and become MORE. The collection we showcase in Hong Kong ties in Blue and Green as main color themes which are the main lucky colors of the year of the Water Rabbit 2023. Deriving from additional astrology elements, the collection also takes inspiration from an auspicious animal, Peacock. We combine Diamond Patterns, Peacock and auspicious colors as a way to unite lucky charm auras, so that women who wear Frances. RTW can feel inner power in these special clothing pieces that brings out their unique beauty and strengthens their luck.

Uniquely Yours
P.S. More is More

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